Starting in 2020 the ADoriables® Creative Collections product line will only be available in the following stores and events:

  • Sacramento Festival of the Arts  October 23, 24th, 25th - Cal Expo.
  • Venus and Virgo in San Anselmo, California  ADoriables® selling by appointment only, the owner Gregory Costanza is dedicated to his long-standing clients; quality and refreshing customer service is his top priority.
  • The Clay Center of Santa Fe, LLC Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico

If you are interested in carrying the ADoriables® product line please use the contact page form to contact me. Commissions are available for museums and elite shops. I do, however, limit the areas in which I do wholesale so as not to oversaturate the market.

  • I have several of Dori’s very special pieces and just love all of them. I feel like a Princess when I wear Dori’s jewelry.
    Valued Client
    • Valued Client
    • Aptos, CA

About Us

Dori Bolen is a mixed-media artist and a designer of historical-period embellished décor, whose creations have been described as present-day museum pieces

Her high-value art pieces reflect the art de vivre, taking the observer on romantic journeys across a number of cultures and eras. The meticulous quality of her work truly needs to be seen to be believed.


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