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What’s Happening in 2020?

ADoriables® is establishing a new business for the pursuit of ceramic arts

 The Clay Center of Santa Fe, LLC.

After many years of creating my art on wood I am now fully focused on using clay as my primary base for my technique. Primarily porcelain and stoneware. 

The new Clay Center of Santa Fe will be opening its doors in June of 2020 and provide the following:

  • 7000 sq ft. Ceramic art center, specializing in creating ceramics and pottery
  • Universally accessible workshops and workspaces, for professionally minded ceramic artists to create new work
  • Welcoming environment for any aspiring artist to enjoy the social aspect of creating and playing with clay, along with other likeminded and different types of individuals
  • Large retail space offering everything required to create ceramic art
  • Exceptional climate controlled community studio with top of line cleanup stations, clean restrooms, free parking
  • Affordable pottery classes, workshops and kiln firings.

Where To Buy ADoriables® Clay Collections

The Clay Center of Santa Fe, LLC - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Venus & Virgo - San Anselmo, California

  • ...they will become family heirlooms because of the quality of materials & and the painstaking workmanship that goes in every item that Dori creates.
    Valued Client
    • Valued Client
    • Soquel, CA

About Us

Dori Bolen is a mixed-media artist and a designer of historical-period embellished décor, whose creations have been described as present-day museum pieces

Her high-value art pieces reflect the art de vivre, taking the observer on romantic journeys across a number of cultures and eras. The meticulous quality of her work truly needs to be seen to be believed.


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90 Double Arrow Rd
Santa Fe
NM 87505
New Mexico
United States

+1 408 646 0028